Monday, March 5, 2012

Super Quick and Wonderfully New!

Here are some of the writing prompts from earlier in the year that I wanted to share with you all. We've had an influx of new talent on Wednesdays, and even though this next writer can't be with us this semester, I wanted to share his wonderful work.

Man grasped dangerous

“Man grasped the dangerous bone, the rib. Eve.” Ester pronounced the line doubtfully.  She didn’t like this kind of poetry.

“There is a theory, you know, that the bone from which Eve was made was not a rib at all.  ‘Rib’ is a euphemism for a part more, um, intimate to a man.”  Riley looked sideways at Ester as he drove.

“What could be more intimate than ripping a bone out of your side?,” she asked, turning toward him in the seat and poking him in the ribs.

“That would be the os baculum. Do you know what that is?” Riley had spent a year in anatomy school before giving up on being a doctor.

“The bacon bone?” she offered, playfully.

“Nope. The penis bone.” Riley smiled as she wrinkled her nose.

“Is there such a thing?”

“Walruses have them.  And opossums.”

“Men don’t have a penis bone,” she pronounced.

“Not any more.  Eve took it.” 

This one is from Angela

"This part is dangerous," Kenetis Master said with a chuckle.  The carpet dropped suddenly, and Kora's stomach flipped.   "You can do it," the man insisted.  "Drop it, then recover.  Go on."

"How is this a useful skill?" Kora demanded.

"Letting go-- not so much, though at some point you'll want to give control to another Technician in a stressful situation.  But the recovering, stopping the fall-- that's what you'll need to learn.  And you're good, my dear.  You're already good.  Show me."

Kora nodded and took control of the carpet.  Something in the Master's quirky grin made her want to prove herself.  The carpet dropped. 

And kept dropping.

Kenetis Master gasped, and she felt him struggle to take back the carpet, but she resisted.  The fall stopped, not suddenly with a jerk, but gently, softly, and then began once more to rise.  

The quirky smile had returned to the Master's tan lips.  "I told you you were good!" he repeated.   He took her hand and grasped it to his chest, and once more her stomach flipped.  

I'm looking forward to seeing many of you this Wednesday. The theme for March is Non-Human Romance, but of course, feel free to bring any of your work to share. See you all soon!