Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why is it called The Fishbowl?

That was one little thing I failed to mention yesterday. The reason I called this blog The Fishbowl is that inside the Beaumont Branch, there is a meeting room in the center of the building and three of the walls are glass. That's where LFWG meets, and we call it the fishbowl.
Another thing I need to mention is the purpose of this blog. This blog will:
  • provide reminders about upcoming meetings
  • announce themes
  • give information on community and national writing events such as National Novel Writing Month, The National Ten-Minute Play Contest, etc.
  • present selections from our members' work
  • link to our members' blogs or other outlets for creativity
  • provide a forum for discussion, criticism, inspiration and encouragement
  • make you want to write more (hopefully)
 Suggestion are appreciated, and come to the next meeting on Wednesday March 2nd at Noon!

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