Thursday, August 25, 2011

Howdy, Folks!

I want to get right into the nitty gritty, but first just let me say: LFWG is Awesome. If LFWG were any awesomer, it would explode.
Karen has had two books published recently, titled Yard Monsters and Food Intruders. They are so beautiful, they make my heart sing and my stomach wobble, and are perfect for middle grade fans of grossology. They are available from Amazon  here and here.
Because two books is not nearly enough for our wonderful Karen, her book (co-authored with her son, Joshua Leet) Civil War Lexington:Bluegrass Breeding Ground of Power is available for pre-order here.
Our very fine Stephen Zimmer's latest, The Seventh Throne is now available here. LFWG came out in force for his book signing at Joseph-Beth, and a fine time was had by all. Plenty of give-aways (which were mostly won by Angela and her family) capped off a fun evening.

Now on to our last meeting, which was held on August 17th.
Two new faces joined the ranks and we very much hope that we didn't scare them off. Welcome to Deborah and Betsie! For our writing prompt, crayons were drawn out of a box, and writers had to use the color names in their writing samples. Here they are!

World's Worst Color
By Karen
I refuse, absolutely refuse to wear that awful shade of green yellow - we call it Windstream green. Almost any other color is better. Even Tickle Me (Elmo?) Pink, though I'm not going to call it that. I like Pacific blue best - my favorite color.
So guess what color everyone got me for my birthday? You guessed it. Windstream green. I got dishes, cups and potholders in that disgusting shade of green yellow. I got 2 shirts, 3 pair of socks, a notebook, set of desk holders for pens and a robe - all in Windstream green. Worst of all, I can't return any of it - or burn it either. The kids would be so disappointed - heartbroken. So I will be wearing the worst color in the world from now on - seasick green, bilious green, baby diarrhea green.
Maybe they'll wear out fast - I can only hope- or maybe spill ketchup on them? It's worth a try anyway.

Pacific Blues
By Angela
"Well, that just tickles me pink!" Mom shouted.
"I held the phone away from my ear. "Really?"
"Sure. A cruise - you'll love it! The stiff sea breeze, the endless blue of the Pacific..." Mom waxed poetic.
I snorted. "By myself?"
"It's a cruise for two, Jeannie. You should take... someone."
"You, for example?" I didn't try to keep the sarcasm out of my voice. The idea of a Pacific cruise with my mother was unspeakable, if not unthinkable.
Last time I went on a cruise," she mused, "your late father and I had wild strawberries at the Captain's table..."
"My late father? Had to remind me he was dead didn't you?"
"Shut up, Dear. No, don't take me on a cruise. You'd only ruin my good time flirting with all the unattached men. Take a man yourself."
"Which one?"
Mom chuckled. "Let out you've won a cruise, and you'll be able to take your pick!"

By Deborah
She sat on her porch, watching the grass as the green yellow of drought began to show the signs of hardship. The heat! They'd moved here to follow her husband's dream, He'd always wanted to be a cattle farmer. The green had begun to yellow soon to be brown, dead. The trees were beginning to look bare. Distance seems to grow further the hotter it got. The pacific blues of her home helped her beat the heat.
She made her way to her tickle me pink kitchen. Her favorite color, her personal domain in the house, still made her husband cringe.

By Me
It was the Greens again, and betting on them would be a huge payoff. Carl strutted over to Book and held out his ticket. Book's nose looked like a wild strawberry stuck on his face. Ridiculously small. Terribly red. The cadets buzzed around them, crowing madly in their triumph. Book handed Carl his lettuce and smirked at him. "You wanna put that back on these guys or are you taking another team?"
Carl didn't want to answer where the winning team could hear, so he just smiled and scribbled 'Pacifics' on a scrap of paper and handed it to the giant man. He peeled a few bills off his growing wad and handed them over.

Cadet Blues
By David
Sea sick, home sick worse
Pacific, blue seas for months
The recruiter lied

For next month, we've chosen the theme: Villains (MWAhahahaha!). Write up some antagonist fiction and bring it on down to the next meeting of LFWG on September 7th.
In the mean time... is anyone feeling the need to get together next Wednesday (August 31) even though there is no meeting? Maybe at a coffee shop or restaurant? Get back to me and we'll set something up.
Happy Evil Writing, 

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